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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lych Gate

The Lych Gate on the Oldham Road side of Christ Church, Ashton.

A Lych Gate is a gate covered by a roof at the entrance to a churchyard. Traditionally it was where a corpse awaited burial and the priest would come out to the Lych Gate to conduct the first part of the burial ceremony.


  1. its good to see my old church again ,i was looking on BMD a while ago ,trying to trace my school mates from christ church on the marriages and was amazed at how many of them went back to be wed there ,i felt a bit guilty at being wed at st johns hurst ,why i didnt i dont know all my family were wed there ,my parents in 1909.my aunts and uncles .i wonder when it was built as up to around say 1845 there didnt seem to be any marriages there ..

  2. the first wedding in christ church seems to be 1850.

  3. Never been inside, though passed it numerous times in my youth

  4. hi we went through the gateway when we went to harvest festival with egin st school

  5. I got married there but lived on Nook Lane,My wife from opposite the shops at Oakfold.

  6. hi annonymous ,i wonder if we knew each other ,i lived on lees rd ,,


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